On a recent trip to the mall, I got lost and had to stop a couple to ask where Victoria’s Secret was. The girl looked around puzzled but, the guy told me right where it was. Guys will be guys girls and don’t you forget it. They are attracted first by their eyes. Then you can wow them with your smarts. Smart women stay as beautiful as they can for their man.

When was the last time you saw a really beautiful woman who exuded confidence in her appearance and her body? She was feminine and sexy and had that little flirtatious way that just captivated men. Were you jealous? Did you say I wish I could do that? You can and I will help you find that beautiful sexy woman that’s buried beneath the stresses of life.

Ever since I was ten years old and my dad brought home the pin-up girl calendars, I have been interested in creating an image of a beautiful woman thru modeling and photography. I got my first Brownie in second grade and took it with me everywhere. As an adult, I moved to Los Angeles and my focus was at first in modeling but, a very wise husband watching me eat Haagen Daz said, “You should be a photographer.”

It was one of those moments when you say, “Oh absolutely!! That’s what I want.” He bought me my first Nikon film camera and I headed to UCLA Extension for classes. Over the years have been mentored by top experts in the field like Allen Berliner, Lance Stedler, and most recently, Michael Spatola, the first L.A. photographer to go totally digital. Digital is fabulous. You and I can see right away what your pictures look like. After our shoot, naturally, I use Photoshop for small touch-ups and magical transformations that make your man say, “Wow you are really hot, babe.” I will make you look your best without destroying your own unique beauty.

Put yourself in my hands and I promise you will be completely at ease and have lots of fun working with one of my professional hair and make-up people and being under the studio lights.

Call or email me today and let me know what you would like to accomplish and we will make it happen together. My studio is in the Santa Monica Mountains where we have thousands of outdoor settings as well as my indoor studio.

Photos of Barbara by Michael Spatola.